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Wix Stores is an eCommerce website builder that makes it easy to create and manage an online store. In this review we take a closer look at the functionalities and the pro's and con's of Wix Stores. We hope that after this review you can make a informed decision of whether Wix fits your plans, or whether other webshop builders are a better choice.

In any case, what we can already share is that Wix is ​​very easy to use!

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  • Wix is ​​worldwide commonly known as a website builder. But you can also create an online store with the Wix Stores app.
  • Wix Stores is a suitable choice for people with little to no experience of building a website or eCommerce business, who are looking for a simple and sleek webshop. For the drag and drop builder of Wix; absolutely no technical knowledge is required to use it and to create an online store with Wix.
  • There is something to criticize about customer service at Wix. However, this applies to almost all global software companies. You should not assume that you can call immediately if something small goes wrong.

About Wix Stores 

…Is it easy to create an e-commerce store with Wix?

Wix is ​​a well-known site builder with which you can also create webshops. From the start of your webshop, you work with ready-made templates where you can drag elements in or out yourself. This allows you to quickly fill a webshop and be actually online with your store quite quickly.

Wix is ​​an Israeli company founded in 2006. Since then, the company has grown into arguably the largest site builder in the world. With various offices in 10 countries, they now also have a nice network of local support. For English speaking countries there is good support.

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Wix Pricing

What does it cost to use Wix Stores?

At Wix Stores you can choose from three different eCommerce packages. Business Basic is already sufficient for a simple webshop in your home market.

PakketKosten p/m
Business Basic$23
Business Unlimited$27
Business VIP$49
  • Wix Stores gives you a 14-day free trial to see if the software is right for you. You can sign up for the free version here.

Credit/Debit Card with Wix Payments

The fee differs per region as follows:

  • EU Countries: 1.9% of the transaction amount + 0.30 EUR
  • Switzerland: 2.3% of the transaction amount + 0.30 CHF
  • United Kingdom: 2.1% of the transaction amount + 0.20 GBP
  • USA: 2.9% of the transaction amount + 0.30 USD
  • Canada: 2.9% of the transaction amount + 0.30 CAD
With Wix Stores you can create an online store for free. If you are going to turn on and use certain functionalities (such as payments), you must choose a monthly subscription.

Wix Business Basic $17

If you have created a webshop and you want to put it online, you will quickly arrive at the Business Basic package. For $17, Wix offers:

  • Process online payments through Wix Payments.
  • Set up subscriptions and recurring payments
  • The possibility to create customer accounts
  • A personal domain name
  • An ad-free website
  • Unlimited bandwidth and 20GB storage 20
  • 5 video hours
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Unlimited products
  • Automated cart abandonment emails
  • Sell ​​on social media channels

Wix Business Unlimited

The extra features on top of Wix's basic package are:

  • 35 GB storage total
  • 10 video hours total
  • Multiple currencies
  • Automated VAT calculations for 100 transactions p.m.
  • Sell ​​through marketplaces
  • Dropshipping up to 250 products
  • Collect up to 1000 reviews

Wix Business VIP

The most expensive package from Wix is ​​many times cheaper than the more expensive packages from other webshop builders. This package will mainly be purchased if the webshop has grown to such an extent that you are reaching the limits of Business Unlimited.

  • Five employee accounts in total
  • 50 GB opslagruimte totaal
  • Onbeperkt video uren
  • Onbeperkt aantal producten
  • 3.000 beoordelingen totaal
  • Loyaliteitsprogramma door Smile.io

The Business Basic package is very suitable for those who want a small webshop focused on the country where he or she comes from. At just $20 a month, Wix is ​​competitively priced compared to others.

Webshop builder

How is the Wix builder and the admin panel?

Wix is ​​a drag and drop site builder. This means that you can give elements a certain position by dragging them around with your mouse.

The Wix site builder will take some time getting used to in the beginning. Also due to the many options and buttons. You can take that quite literally as shown in the image below.

wix webshop maken

EVERYTHING you see can be clicked, moved or edited! This makes Wix very easy to use on the one hand, and very difficult on the other.

Wix is ​​easy because you work from a ready-made template and still can customize everything exactly the way you want. There are many design elements to use and you can also adjust these to your wishes. You can quickly have a store online, if you keep close to the template.

Wix is ​​difficult because sometimes it's just nice to work within frameworks that someone with expertise has come up with. It is quite difficult for people without much website building experience to create a complete new store with all the elements from scratch.This is something that can take a lot of time.

With other webshop builders such as Shopify and Lightspeed you work a little more from a fixed setup. You can also adjust things there, of course, but you can build further from the template that is already in place. Instead of having to build up elements everywhere in the canvas.

Wix themes

At Wix, you choose a theme that you will build on in step 1 of the process. Choose this carefully, because with Wix it's not easy to switch themes later once you've built everything.

There is a choice of many dozens of eCommerce themes. These are generally a bit simplistic and rigid. This is suitable for simple online store, but templates from other webshop builders are more appropriate for eCommerce sites.

wix webshop templates

What if you get stuck?

Partly due to the commercials on television, Wix has had to deal with a wave of new users. Wix has not coped brilliantly with this growth in terms of customer service. This is something you see more often with fast growing software companies.

You should pay attention to the following points if you think support and customer service are important and want to choose the Wix Store Builder.

  • Wix has difficulty with personal, swift and fast customer service and are difficult / hard to reach via telephone and voice support. If that is necessary for you, Wix will not be a good choice.
  • If you want support you are dependent of the mail functionality, keep sending reminders: this will have the best effect if we have to believe the various review websites.


What are Wix' possibilities?

An important part of an online store is the processing of payments. In many countries Before you start creating the webshop, it is important to be aware of the functionalities. After all, you don't want to find out that a certain function you're looking for isn't available in Wix Stores while you've already finished the shop.

Payment methods Wix

Setting up the payment methods with Wix is ​​perhaps the easiest of all ecommerce platforms. With a few clicks you have Wix payments working. 

wix payments

Something worth mentioning is that Wix does not refund the transaction costs if the order is returned.[4]Wix Payments Processing Fees, Wix.com

no refund wix

Digital products and services

Wix Stores gives you the flexibility to sell a variety of digital downloadable products (music files, ebooks, images, etc.). Subscription models can also be set up with Wix.

Selling abroad

You can set up your online store at Wix in over 180 languages ​​thanks to Wix Multilingual. You can even create local subdomains for this. All pages can then be created with local SEO.

What is really handy, is that you can have the entire webshop automatically translated with Google translate. Within a minute a webshop in another language is ready. If the texts are not too advanced and contain little imagery, these are still quite good translations.

Wix also offers the option to add a currency converter so that customers can view prices in their local currency.

website translation wix

Wix apps

Wix has a wide range of apps. Most apps support elements that you would find in a normal site. After all, Wix is ​​primarily a site builder. Still, there are quite a few apps with which you can improve the webshop. For example, Abandoned cart recovery, apps that support email marketing, and multiorders.

Wix appstore


How easy is dropshipping with Wix Stores?

For many people, the choice of webshop software depends on how it facilitates dropshipping. Dropshipping is very popular these days. For many people, the choice for webshop software therefore depends on how it facilitates dropshipping.

Wix has various apps that allow you to turn the website into a dropshipping site. You can work with: Amazon, Etsy, AliExpress, Alibaba and also local wholesalers in US/CA/EU/AU.

Bricks & Clicks

Does Wix offer good POS material?

The options for brick and mortar retailers are limited through Wix. Only iZettle offers a possibility to import products to the store. This app however is rated pretty badly. So if you want to link a physical store to your web store, we recommend that you look further at Shopify or Lightspeed.

Webshop marketing

How does Wix assist you with selling more?

Wix has several dozen apps for marketing. This varies from Google shopping to an app that allows you to create beautiful pop-ups. Yet this is in stark contrast to the possibilities that you have with other platforms such as Shopify. There, really specific products are developed that help you to sell more by social media, for example.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Wix is ​​quite optimized for Google. However, as a eCommerce Store manager you have to do al lot of this yourself with good content and the right signals to the search engines. Wix Seo Wiz can help you very well with that. This handy tool shows you exactly where you are doing well and where you still need to improve.

It is also very helpful that you can optimize the URLs of your site yourself. Something that is not possible with Shopify, for example.

E-mail marketing

If your webshop is fully set, Wix has an integrated email builder program. So you can easily compose and send e-mails.

email marketing wix

Our verdict

Conclusion of our Wix Store Review

7.1Expert Score
Wix Store Review Summary

With Wix you can get a simple eCommerce store live pretty quickly because everything is drag & drop. This makes it suitable for beginners and smaller to medium-sized companies. Especially if you already have experience with the Wix site builder, Wix Stores is also appropriate for starting and expanding your online business.

However, taking full advantage of the system takes quite a lot of time and energy. Because everything you see is almost customizable. So a lot is possible, but sometimes it is also just efficient to work within the framework of already pre developed templates. This is something that you may be more likely to find with other builders.

If you're considering Wix Stores, take a look at Shopify and Squarespace as well. These builders might make it a little easier to create a professional-looking webshop. You can also just try these builders for free.
If you're aiming for a very professional shop with a lot of daily sales, then we think Lightspeed or Shopify have more to offer and Shopify might be the best fit.

We assigned the following scores to Wix:

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