About us

Webshopgenius is part of Refermedia, a Dutch internet company specializing in advice for hosting and software solutions.

The Webshopgenius website arose from our experiences with the webwinkelsuccess.nl website. This website has been aimed at Dutch and Belgian webshop entrepreneurs for a long time.

Over time, we saw that the role of webshop software is important. Where in the past you had to ‘tie it together' yourself, nowadays you can make a ready-made webshop yourself in a very short time. Knowledge of code is not even necessary anymore. In addition, the webshop builders are active worldwide. That is one of the reasons we decided to make Webshopgenius an international site.

How are the reviews on the site created?

We have tried all webshop software on webshopgenius ourselves. In addition, we extensively search for sources and reviews from users to substantiate our opinion about the software.

Who are behind Webshopgenius?

We are three passionate internet entrepreneurs with a fair amount of experience with websites and online marketing. We have been active with various concepts since 2005. Today, we specialize in hosting and software solutions for both individuals and entrepreneurs.

Do we earn from webshop genius?

That answer is: yes. Webshopgenius works on the basis of an affiliate model. If you click through to a webshop builder via Webshopgenius, we can receive a commission if you decide to use this builder.

We would like to mention that we really try to help you as best as possible on your way to the most suitable software. Although the reviews are based on the opinion of the authors, we have been as objective as possible. We have tried as much as possible to look through the eyes of potential buyers of the software.

Webshop Genius